6″ x 2″ Stainless Steel Swivel Caster with Polyolefin Wheel

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Item #: S6X2SPO


Weight (LB) Capacity (LB) Overall Height (inches) Package (PC)
4 3/411007 1/2315

Product Description

Swivel stainless steel caster – forks, top plates, ball bearing and their raceways. And steel sleeve, roller bearings, spanner bushing, washers, axle and nut, all in stainless steel. This is ideal for a wet environment application.
Economical and light weight. Non-marking floor protection with high shock/impact resistance. Abrasion and chemical resistance.

Swivel: Two rows of ball bearings in hardened raceways.
Fork: 1/4″ formed steel plate, double welded.
King Pin: 3/4″ heat treated bolt and nut.
Lubrication: Zerk in swivel raceway, wheel hub or lube axle.
Axle: 1/2″ Diameter bolt and nut.
Finish: Zinc Plated.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


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