Keyed or Non-Keyed Auto Plastic Dumpster Lock

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The Smart Cart Lock with patented GravityPLUS  Technology

1. Easy One-Handed Operation Two steps to prevent access from animals.

2. Keyed Options Available. Keyed option provides additional security against all unauthorized users.

3. Unaffected by the Waste Stream. Lock is mounted out of the way so no debris is hanging up on or gumming up the mechanism.

  • Knows the difference between getting knocked over and getting serviced. Any basic gravity lock will fail when a plastic cart is knocked over because the gravity mechanism is designed to unlock when the cart is tipped. Our GravityPLUS  technology keeps the container locked when knocked over — even off of a curb!

  • Knows how to perform in all directions. When dumped by an ASL, the Sure-LOC unlocks regardless of which way the container is facing. If the container is knocked over in any direction, the Sure-LOC stays locked.

  • Knows how to work under a load. Any basic gravity lock will fail when a cart is overstuffed with debris or when trash falls against the lid during the dump cycle, because the gravity mechanism gets pinched due to the load being placed on the lid. Our GravityPLUS   technology overcomes the load. The Sure-LOC  is designed to “kick” the gravity mechanism into motion, even under a load.

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Weight 2 lbs


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