4″ x 2″ Swivel Caster with Mold-On Rubber Wheel

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Item #: S4x2


Weight (LB) Capacity (LB) Package (PC) Wheel Diameter
5400350 4"

Product Description

Cushion rubber tread vulcanized to strong cast iron hub with zerk lubrication. Excellent floor and load protection. Easy rolling and shock absorbing for quiet operation. 70-80 shore (A) durometer rating.

Swivel: Two rows of ball bearings in hardened raceways
Fork: 1/4″ formed steel plate, double welded
King Pin: 3/4″ heat treated bolt and nut
Lubrication: Zerk in swivel raceway, wheel hub or lube axle
Axle: 1/2″ Diameter bolt and nut
Finish: Zinc Plated

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs


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