4″ x 2″ Kingpinless Swivel Caster with Steel Wheel

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Item #: SKPL4X2ST


Weight (LB) Capacity (LB) Overall Height (inches) Package (PC) Wheel Diameter Tread Width
810005.5350 4 2

Product Description

Designed with the inner and outer hardened raceways precisely fit and to distribute the load out over a larger area, kingpinless swivel casters eliminate kingpin failure – the leading cause of caster failure, and therefore can withstand shock, continuous use, high speed and other abusive applications.
Fork: 1/4″ formed steel plate, double welded.
Axle: 1/2″ Diameter bolt & nut.
Lubrication: Zerk in swivel raceway.
Finish: Zinc plating provides an attractive, protective finish.

Excellent for high capacity. Sustains sharp impacts while under full load. Long wearing.
High impact resistant and non-marking. Resistant to water, oil and grease. -45 to 250 F temperature range.

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs


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