4″ x 1.25″ Swivel Caster with Hard Rubber Wheel & Brake

$9.85 Per Piece

Item #: S4X1.25B


Weight (LB) Capacity (LB) Overall Height (inches) Package (PC) Wheel Diameter Tread Width
22755"800 4 1.25

Product Description

Hard rubber molded composition. Wheel is impervious to oil, grease, and gasoline. High-load rating and good mobility. High-impact resistance and good for floor protection. Used on dollies, carts and racks.
Swivel: Two rows of ball bearings in hardened raceways.
Fork: 1/8″ formed steel plate.
Axle: 1/4″ diameter bolt and nut for small plate.
Finish: Chrome or Zinc Plated.

This caster comes with a side pedal brake on the wheel.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs


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