4″-8″ Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Wheel Bearing Set w/Plain Axle

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Item #: 4-8WKIT(PA)S


Weight (LB) Standard Grease Axle Wheel Diameter Hub length Bore Diameter Bearing Size
0.723.5" 4"-8" 2 1/2"1.2"1.1"

Product Description

A complete set of roller bearing for heavy-duty casters of 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″ wheels.
This set includes an expandable steel sleeve to be placed inside the center bore of wheel, steel roller needle bearing, matching steel spanner bushing, threaded plain axle and nut, and a pair of plastic (or steel) washer on both sides of the center bore, all in stainless steel.
Roller Bearing – 5/8″ Id X 1-3/16″ Od X 1-3/4″ Length for Caster Wheels. This is for the most popular Roller Bearing used in medium/heavy duty caster wheels. This bearing is commonly seen in 2″ wide caster and wheels that contain a 1-3/16″ bore inner diameter.
Spanner bushing with grease groove: OD 3/4″ and ID 1/2″. Length: 2 1/2″

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